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How to make Maggi Masala Soup for beginner (Easy way) #2018 – Linas food kitchen

How to make Maggi Masala Soup for beginner (With Video)

 Maggie Masala Soup Ingredients:

We make this recipe for 3 people. Its a family pack. So lets get start how to do it.

  • Eggs
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Green Chili
  • Vegetable (Cabbage, Spinach)
  • Oil (As you need)
  • Salt (As you need)
  • Tomatoes


How to make:

1. First of all I heat the oil in the pan. Then put the #Garlic and #Onion it it. Fry it until its brown color.

2. Then we give some green #Chili and #Tomato in it. Its increase the taste of the soup. Mix it well. adding    some #Carrot and if you want, you can use some fry #Pron in it.

3. After some time, I add some #Spinach and #Cabbage.

4. I use 2 cup of water in it for bowling the vegetable.

5. Then adding 3 #Eggs it and and then use your #Maggi #Noddles in it. Mix it well and stay some times. If you have the noddles masala then you can use in it.

6. Now its time to serf the noddles and happy to eat.



Hope you all enjoy the #Recipe. Below the video of the recipe if you wish to watch it. This is our own youtube channel. Please subscribe our channel, and share this video to your friends.

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